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The BIG Rip-Off

Students taught one to one for only 26 hours in entire degree

Rosemary Bennett, Education Editor

July 31 2017, 12:01am, The Times



Students of some subjects at British universities receive the equivalent of only 26 hours of one-to-one tuition during their three-year degree, research shows.

The findings represent the first serious attempt to work out the comparative value for money of different degrees, and will fuel the debate about tuition fees.


Scandal of the university students who get fewer than 100 hours' teaching a year

By Jonathan Petre for The Mail on Sunday

Published: 23:58, 27 April 2013 | Updated: 17:43, 1 May 2013



The new figures, compiled from statistics on Government website Unistats, show that one of the widest gaps involves undergraduates studying history at York University, who spend just eight per cent of their course in lectures and seminars, with the rest in 'independent' study.

This is fewer than 100 hours a year 'contact' time with academics and works out at a cost of nearly £100 an hour.

University of Phoenix; MBA Degree Course Tuition Fees



You'll need 36 credits to complete this program, which may be earned from a combination of required and elected courses. Required courses may vary based on previous experience, training or transferable credits. 

Tuition (per credit)


Resource fee



36 credits x $740 = $26,640, Basic tuition fee

Then, add resource fee; $165 x 36 = $5,940 extra resource fee

TOTAL FEE PAYABLE BY STUDENT: $32,580 during a 2-3 year period


Student Debt Rules Out Having a Family, Metro, Thursday July 13

Leigh, London:

I studied science subject at university. I graduated in 2011 and work in a science health and safety field. I still have about £21,000 in student debt where I pay off mainly the interest every year. I will never be able to afford a mortgage or a child. This is the reality for a lot of young professionals. I think leaving the UK is probably my best option.


John, Buckinghamshire:

So the average student debt is £37,000 but students earnings are expected to be £43,000 after five years with a sixth expecting to earn £100,000. So they should be able to pay their debt within five years or so? Think twice before going to university, because it is a very ambitious, expensive and risky investment.


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