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Solar Ecology Charter©

13 Point Solar Ecology Charter©:

  1. Mankind and nature are one, not separate, and must and work together.
  2. Mankind must enrich and maintain a healthy soil to produce food for a growing population.
  3. Stop destruction of forests and natural habitats including acidizing the oceans, and recreate ‘blue carbon’ environments to absorb CO2 / CH4. Clean oceans and marine ecosystems, such as seagrass, salt marshes and coastal wetlands remove large quantities of carbon from the atmosphere.
  4. Avoid toxic waste and cleaning up waste after it is formed.
  5. Chemical products should be as innocuous as possible and recyclable.
  6. Energy requirements to manufacture products should be low; extreme temperatures and pressures should be avoided.
  7. The use of fossil fuels should be minimized and ultimately avoided.
  8. The use of clean renewable energy should be maximized.
  9. Raw materials should be from sustainable sources and recyclable.
  10. New homes and buildings should be designed and built with solar energy and/or heat pumps as standard to maximize energy usage efficiency and prevent leaks.
  11. Existing homes and buildings should be modified to maximize energy usage efficiency and savings, and be equipped with solar energy and/or heat pumps.
  12. All lights at homes and in buildings must be energy efficient (e.g. LED).
  13. Government and large corporations should provide much more help for home owners and businesses to move over to solar ecology and sustainable living.


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