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Degree Clients' Feedback

The most important/useful/interesting things I have learnt so far, for which I commend OUK are:


Seeing the implementation work and create changes to the management and administration system of the different governments over the years have been a very learning and positive outcome, which will be reflected on this paper.

OUK has given me to the opportunity to put this working system on paper and hopefully see it into implementation for the betterment of other developing governments.

Prof Abe has been a gem of a person and truly sporting, by being not pushy and overbearing with mentoring, he has allowed me to take the program and work towards where it’s intended to be, I thank him for his patience and guidance.

VS Pillai, Doctorate Degree Candidate in ‘Business Administration in Urban Development’


The most interesting things I have learnt so far, for which I commend OUK are:


The significance of Logistics and the various hierarchy involved in Logistics and operations;

A brief view on the simulation of Logistics and deeper knowledge on Logistics simulation in the Process Industry and the challenges involved along with model based simulation strategy.

A general idea on Inventory Management along with the risks involved. Some of the key concepts like Demand forecast and Demand Uncertainty and their effects on the inventory.

Thank you for the concern and support.

Hello Professor Abe, 

I really appreciate and I'm grateful for the support and cooperation from your end.

I'm very happy to be pursuing my Master’s degree in your privileged University. You not only help us, the Students with the course but also understand our situation and value our our words. I have also recommended your University to few of my relatives and friends for pursuing their higher studies. 

High respect & regards, 

B Prakash, Master Degree Candidate in ‘Logistics and Supply Chain Management’


The most important/useful/interesting things I have learnt so far, for which I commend OUK for are:


How to structure the thesis and understanding the standard to meet OUK requirements;

Dear Professor Abe,
I am writing to you to place on record my sincere thanks for all of the assistance and support provided by Oxbridge University of Kilmurry, following the recent completion of my Doctor of Philosophy thesis.
The award of Doctor of Philosophy by your University has fulfilled a long standing ambition of mine. However, I fully recognise that without your immense contribution, direction, generosity, kindness, support and valuable time. I would not have been able to achieve the award.
I look forward to commencing study with you and your University for the award of Doctor Professor shortly.
Thanks again for everything. 
Best Wishes

Simon Julian Skerritt, PhD, Doctorate Degree Graduate, Thesis in ‘Does Corporate Performance Reporting Management Deliver Good Value for Money for UK Business?’


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