Oxbridge University of Kilmurry© (OUK)
Oxbridge University of Kilmurry© (OUK)

About OUK

Oxbridge University of Kilmurry© (OUK) – Brief Description


OUK was established by Professor Dr Abe Abrahami, and registered as a Limited Company in The Gambia in Sep. 2015 with headquarters in the Irish Republic.


OUK began to operate from 2016 as an accredited online professional education and academic institute, to reach individuals the world over, who cannot afford the exorbitant fees and inflexible mode of operation of other universities.

For example, numerous US and UK universities typically charge about 28,000 to 32,000 US dollars for a Master or Doctorate degree, whereas OUK normal fee is about 9,800 US dollars, which is about one third.

Some of our clients, who suffer financial hardship, have received a sympathetic discount on our already low fee above, to enable them to reach their career goals, which they could not do through other universities.

Our degrees are bespoke and tailored to the individual needs and aspirations of our clients, and their thesis title appears on their degree diploma, which other universities do not offer.


Our high quality standards are second to none and our Dean/CEO received numerous awards, including QCR 3000© (Quality, Compliance Cost Reduction) Seal of excellence from the Institute of Management Specialists (IMS).

This is now part of OUK’s best practice, together with other certified best practice methodologies and frameworks.


If you find the same degree course as ours elsewhere for less money and can prove it, we will charge you the same!

To Apply Click Here.

►Reach Your Peak with OUK!

►Fast Forward Your Career.

►Save Many Thousands of Dollars.

►Study Online from Your Home or Office.

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