Your Best Value for Money
Your Best Value for Money
Oxbridge University of Kilmurry©
Oxbridge University of Kilmurry©

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Welcome to Oxbridge Education

Why Come to Us?

  1. Our USP (Unique Selling Point) is distinguished and truly unique.
  2. We are distinctly different compared to other academic institutions.
  3. Other academic establishments give you very little room to manouvre and you have to study mostly what they dictate to you, but not us.
  4. Our guided research programmes and awards are bespoke because you choose what you wish to specialise in, and if you are not sure, we will help you to choose.
  5. For each of our clients we devise an individual programme to match his/her personal needs and aspirations.
  6. Large academic institutions simply cannot do what we do because they are not geared for it.
  7. Large academic institutions are too large, rigid and inflexible, and they charge you about 5 times more of what we charge because they have to finance a large and costly infrastruture with high overheads.
  8. They work like a mass production line, whereby one size fits all.
  9. Oxbridge University of Kilmurry (OUK), which includes Oxbridge Chartered MBA Institute (OCMBAI), is distinctly different and truly unique compared to other universities because our clients have a great degree of freedom to select their subjects of speciality and accordingly, we create bespoke awards to match their individual requirements!
  10. You may gain our internationally recognised qualifications ONLINE from anywhere in the world, regardless where you live or work, because distance and geography do not matter!
  11. You will pay a fraction of what other universites charge. See The BIG Rip-Off
  12. You will gain an internationally recognised qualification. See our Accreditation
  13. Our incredible testimonials and clients speak for themselves. Click Here to view them.
  14. Learn from us 'The Knowledge Behind the Knowledge©'.
  15. Learn how our Principal helped organisations to save or gain more then 320 million US dollars, deploying successfully remarkable, simple, practical and effective work methods and techniques, which are CERTIFIED AS BEST PRACTICE.

Join us and learn to apply our motto that 'One ounce of application is worth more than a ton of theory'!

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